The team behind the future of artist management.

The story behind Stagent

Our story begins with two founders, Marlon de Graaf and Mischa Sigtermans, each bringing something unique to the table. Marlon launched the most popular artist and band management platform in The Netherlands back in 2005, creating a tool that many couldn’t do without. However, he dreamed of taking his solution global but wasn’t sure how to make that leap.

Enter Mischa in 2019, with a sharp focus on DJs and the international music scene, ready to shake things up. Together, they found common ground: a vision to make artist bookings and management as smooth and straightforward as possible. They saw a future where artists and agencies could put their energy into what they love, rather than getting bogged down by admin work.

And so, Stagent was born—a platform designed to take the hassle out of artist management. Our aim is to make things easy, letting you focus on the music. Whether you’re an artist or an agency, Stagent is here to support your passion, your creativity, and your journey in the music industry. Welcome to our community, where we’re all about helping you focus on what really matters.

Our goal

Stagent’s goal is simple - we want to help you make your job as an artist or a manager as easy as possible. We reduce all the unnecessary mistakes made by accident when it comes to handling bookings by keeping you organized and ready to rock. The music world is a tough and competitive place. By trusting us to take care of your busy work, you’ll be able to work on your projects and start new ones with the energy that they deserve.

Our dedicated team


"The music industry can be a chaotic place, and we want to bring some consistent quality to those that have to work with stressful touring schedules."

Mischa Sigtermans

Co-founder | Product


"There is a lot you have to think of handling artist bookings. Software should be there to help preventing mistakes and make the full processes easier and faster."

Marlon de Graaf

Co-founder | Marketing

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